Domainers’ Choice Awards name Sedo as “Best Domain Marketplace” and Sedo’s Eben Smith as “Best Customer Service Representative”

  Sedo won the award for “Best Domain Marketplace,” being recognized as an industry leader with more than 10.5 million domains listed for sale worldwide, and a community of more than 600,000 active domain professionals from every corner of the world. Domainers’ Choice awards were presented at the DOMAINfest Global conference held Jan. 21-23, 2008 in Hollywood, California.
  In addition, Eben Smith, director of North American Parking for Sedo, was recognized as the “Best Customer Service Representative,” indicative of Sedo’s overall commitment to providing the highest levels of customer service to domainers worldwide. Sedo was also amongst the finalists for the “Best Domain Parking” and “Best Industry Spokesperson: Matt Bentley” from the Domainers’ Choice Awards program.