Domain Parking Statistics

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Step 5: Maximize parking earnings and view statistics

Sedo's wide range of domain parking optimization tools and internationalization capabilities earn you the highest level of domain monetization possible.

Review a summary of your domain trends and traffic demographics. Our innovative parking reporting tools provide an array of statistics including summaries, details about your domains, and everything in between.

Parking statistics play a vital role in allowing you to analyze your domains' traffic and manage your domain data as efficiently as possible. With advanced domain reporting tools, it's easy to review how much each click has contributed to your parking earnings.

Parking Pays

You will receive monthly payouts no later than the 15th of each month. Earnings can be paid out to PayPal accounts starting at a minimum of 20 USD or by direct deposit (minimum of 50 USD).

If you earned less than 20 USD in one month, the funds will remain in your account for up to a year and are paid out as soon as the minimum threshold is met.

Remember, you can review your domain parking statistics at any time using the domain management system and Sedo's parking service is completely free. So, what are you waiting for? 

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