Domain Parking Features

Make money from your incoming traffic with Sedo's Domain Parking Tools

Sedo Parking Features

Park with Sedo to earn the most money from your domains with domain parking features you can only get from the leading domain solutions provider. 

Higher Earnings
Using the most innovative domain parking technology in the industry we are able to offer the best rates for each click. We work with our ad providers to automatically generate a customized page for visitors. To maximize earnings, visitors may be instantaneously directed to the website of an advertiser interested in domain traffic related to the category of your domain. Each time your domain generates revenue, it's added to your Sedo account.

Work with an industry leader
Benefit from our rich history - with more than 1 million users and over eleven years of experience, Sedo stands alone as the market innovator and leader.  

Rely on a trustworthy partner
Our commitment to transparency and attention to detail enables us to cater to you. Expect punctual monthly payment of domain parking revenue when you reach your selected threshold, and experience award-winning customer care that is second to none. 

Integrate with our full service marketplace
We've built our unparalleled domain parking features into Sedo's robust, full-service domain marketplace. Park your domains, get your domains appraised, and list them for sale. Or buy other domains to complete your money-making portfolio. Sedo supports the complete life cycle of domain ownership, so you can get more leads, more visibility, and more revenue.

Manage your domains easily
Our Domain Management interface offers a comprehensive suite of domain parking tools to manage a domain portfolio of any size. It enables you to customize and control everything easily, from keyword optimization and traffic analysis to the individual look and feel of your parked domains.  

Connect in your language
With offices in Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States, Sedo is the only company in the domain industry that can offer you multi-lingual domain specialists fluent in over 20 different languages.

Our domain parking tools are second to none, so get started today!