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Apr/14/11| Interview with Jeremiah Johnston
Apr/07/11| Domain Name News: Sedo Improves Sign-Up Process
Apr/07/11| Sedo sells for $46,000
Mar/03/11| Domain Name Wire: Survey: Domain Name Marketplace
Feb/24/11| Promotion World: Maximizing Revenues with a Solid Domain Strategy
Feb/24/11| MSNBC: sets world record for most expensive domain name
Feb/24/11| Toronto Star: takes crown as world's most expensive domain name
Feb/23/11| The Huffington Post: Now The World's Most Expensive Domain Name, According to Guinness
Feb/23/11| Digital Trends: is the most expensive domain in the world
Feb/23/11| Global Post: officially the most expensive domain name
Feb/22/11| BusinessWire: Sedo Confirms: the “Most Expensive Internet Address Domain Name”
Feb/16/11| Domain Name Wire: Sedo and Parked Still Top Domain Companies
Feb/08/11| BusinessWire: Releases 2010 Market Trends Study
Jan/27/11| Master and .CO(mmander)
Jan/25/11| BusinessWire: Premium .CO Domain Names For Auction at
Jan/24/11| The Telegraph: Businesses lack overseas domain name presence
Jan/19/11| Sully's Blog: Insider Tips for Selling on Sedo
Jan/14/11| The domain name game
Jan/07/11| It's all in the name
Dec/21/10| Carol Roth: The 95 Best Business “New Year’s Resolutions” for a Successful 2011
Dec/10/10| TheDomains: Sells On Sedo For $233,000; Sells For $101K; 06.Com For $92K & More
Dec/08/10| IBTimes UK: Mobile Streams sells URL
Dec/08/10| IBTimes UK: Mobile Streams sells URL
Dec/01/10| BusinessWire: Sedo to Exclusively Broker Sale of
Nov/10/10| TheDomains: MTS.TV Sells For $33,500 On Sedo
Nov/09/10| TheDomains: The “Ultimate Domain Shortener”: Hits The Auction Market At Sedo & Closes Today
Nov/02/10| TechCrunch: Buys For $500,000
Oct/28/10| Domain Name Wire: Sedo Switches to JavaScript for Domain Parking
Oct/27/10| The Economist: Sex.sells
Oct/21/10| BusinessWire: Try .ME on for Size in Sedo's Upcoming Domain Auction
Oct/07/10| DNJournal: 6-Figure Sale at Sedo and Sensational Outing for ccTLDs Highlight This Week's Aftermarket Action
Sep/22/10| Brokers The Sale Of For $500K
Sep/22/10| Financial Times: Brand domain names: register or be pipped to the post
Jul/14/10| Domain Names: Building Profits in the Digital Arena
May/24/10| Yahoo!: Sedo Nominated for 2010 World Trademark Review
May/04/10| Sedo Sold More Than $23 Million Worth Of Domain Names
Apr/01/10| Digital Marketers Tell Sedo Owning the Right Domain Name is a Key Factor
Jan/06/10| The Register: Nexus One web address used to punt smoky jazz
Jan/06/10| TalkTalk: Google ignores
Dec/15/09| IT Backbones: Sedo Launches New and Improved Website
Dec/14/09| Marketing Clout: Sedo Launches New and Improved Website
Dec/11/09| NetImperative: Guest comment: Direct Navigation- A Secret Weapon for Search Engine Marketing
Dec/08/09| IT Director: Sedo Launches New and Improved Website Robust Platform includes Innovative Features and Improved Functionality
Dec/04/09| NetImperative: domain sold for $1.5m
Nov/06/09| Computer Active: Web domain transfer market defies the recession
Nov/06/09| Yahoo: Web domain transfer market defies the recession
Nov/06/09| Web domain transfer market defies the recession
Nov/06/09| Web domain transfer market defies the recession
Oct/30/09| The Guardian: Web addresses to get non-Latin characters
Oct/30/09| ICANN approves international domain names
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