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Feb/24/12| Park with Sedo, a Google partner Adsense for Domains Online closes As a domain parker, you may have seen Google’s announcement that they are closing their Google Adsense for Domains parking program. If you had domains parked using Adsense, you may be looking for an alternative, and as Sedo works closely with Google, our primary ad provider, switching your Adsense parking to Sedo will be a smooth transition!

You can get more information on our Parking Program in our Domain Parking Tour, and if you have any more questions on setting up your Adsense names with Sedo, our international Customer Care team is happy to help. For advanced users, we also have a special offer: Become a SedoPro customer and enjoy the benefits of our high-end parking program.

As a SedoPro customer, you benefit from ten years of Sedo’s parking experience. You also get an industry competitive payout model, innovative parking statistics and the personal touch with an assigned account manager. If you already park at least 1,000 domains at Sedo, or if you earn at least $300 parking revenue with newly parked domains within a month of parking with us, then you can qualify for SedoPro status, and can apply to become a SedoPro using this contact form. Please enter in the last field of the form (“Any additional information”) the phrase “Google Adsense for Domains”, so that we know how you are getting in touch with us.

Apr/17/14| Data Security at Sedo We're answering most frequently asked questions
Apr/11/14| ICANN Orders Bulk Transfer ICANN Orders Bulk Transfer of Domain Names from De-Accredited Registrars
Feb/20/14| Sedo and .CLUB Amp Up Domain Competition with Auction, Among Names Available in Special Auction for Pre-Registration Priority on February 19
Feb/13/14| Federal Appeals Court Rejects Contributory Liability Claims Federal Appeals Court in California Rejects Contributory Liability Claims Under Anticybersquatting Act
Feb/13/14| The Top Five Mistakes in Parking Learn how to select the correct account settings and avoid the top five mistakes in parking
Dec/19/13| ICANN Explains Its Position on Uniform Contracts Anyone registering a domain name through an ICANN-accredited registrar is required to accept provisions in the registration agreement
Dec/18/13| SedoMLS Network Welcomes as its Newest Partner Sedo is happy to announce that, the registrar brand of MegaZone, has joined the SedoMLS Premium network.
Nov/15/13| Chinese Registrar Joins SedoMLS Sell your domains worlwide
Nov/13/13| Yahoo Opens Up Treasure Chest of Domains in Sedo Auction More Than 100 Premium Domain Names from Yahoo Portfolio to be Auctioned on World’s Largest Domain Marketplace from November 14th - 21st
Oct/02/13| ICA Urges ICANN to Clean Up TM Rules for New TLDs Read what the ICA thinks about the Rights Protection Mechanism (RPM)
Aug/30/13| Sedo Launches Portuguese-language Website Domain Name Transactions and Services for Customers in Brazil
Aug/29/13| Belgian Registrar Joins the SedoMLS More exposure for your Sedo domain listings with a new distribution partner
Aug/28/13| ICANN Explores Viability of Dotless Domains Will new gTLDs create Name Collisions on the Web?
Aug/26/13| Parking: New Layout Selection We have replaced some older parking layouts with newer layouts with stronger performance
Jul/16/13| Sell Your .EU Domains via the SedoMLS Premium Network Sedo and EURid partner to bring the .EU extension into the world’s largest domain distribution network
Jul/10/13| Network Solutions & Become SedoMLS Partners Customers with domains registered at NetSol or can now list them for sale via SedoMLS Premium
Jun/05/13| Sedo Rolls Out Updates to the Buyer Control Panel
May/29/13| New .Info Domains in Exclusive Sedo Auction Bid on previously unreleased premium .Info names
Apr/18/13| Premium .CM Auction Place your bids before it's too late!
Feb/20/13| Registrar Becomes a SedoMLS Premium Partner More exposure for Sedo users’ domains, more potential buyers worldwide
Jan/29/13| Sedo Provides One-Stop Solution to New Partner REG.RU REG.RU adds full suite of domain services, including SedoMLS Premium
Jan/22/13| SedoMLS Premium Adds Net-Chinese to its Premium Network Net-Chinese customers can purchase premium names via SedoMLS
Jan/21/13| Set Minimum Offers and Receive Only the Bids You Want We just updated the Add Domains process so you can now set minimum offers on your names when you first add them to your account.
Jan/14/13| New Chinese SedoMLS Partner Joins the Network SedoMLS continues to bring more potential buyers to your domain listings
Dec/03/12| Sedo Partners with Nonprofit New gTLD Registry Behind .HIV dotHIV to help raise both awareness & donations for HIV and AIDS research

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